Housekeeping (5 minutes)

  1. DL OK? (
  2. Class notes: sign up (see Class Notes on sidebar)
  3. Flash cards for IDs
  4. Reading for next time and diagram assignment

Part I Assignment Review (15)

  1. 90 second neighbor shares
    1. (be on the listen for things you'd not have thought of)
    2. (be on the listen for things I have a question about)
  2. Ten or so things I would not have thought of
  3. Issues and questions about the concepts

Part II Wrong and Collins (40)

Part III Concepts and Terms Review (10)

free rider, bystander
Hobbes, Hobbesian problem
state of nature
war of all against all
social contract
rationality (substantive functional)
unintended consequence
oversocialized, undersocialized