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Last quiz question was 0001 (HELP)

Last quiz question was 0001 (HELP)

Last quiz question was 0001 (HELP)

0000. What course is this?

A. Auto Mechanics 101 B. Social Theory C. Painting D. English I E. Swimming

0001. afsdjflsdfj

A. asdfasd B. asdfasdf C. asdfasdf D. asgdsg E. adga

0002. Which phrase(s) do you associate with Thomas Hobbes?

A. "man is born free but is everywhere in chains" B. "the invisible hand" C. "nasty, brutish and short" and "war of all against all" D. "you have nothing to lose but your chains" E. "politics is the long slow boring of hard boards" and "the Protestant Ethic"

0003. What are the two "components" of social order according to Hechter and Horne??

0004. What is coordination??

0005. What is a (the) Leviathan??

0006. Which diagram below represents the generic theoretical model presented in Hechter and Horne??

A. [[= image {$A}]] B. [[= image {$B}]] C. [[= image {$C}]] D. [[= image {$D}]] E. [[= image {$E}]]

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