1. Economically Determined Power and the Status Order (119.3)
  2. Determination of Class Situation by the Market Situation (119.9)
  3. Social Action Flowing From Class Interest (121.2)
  4. Types of Class Struggle (122.1)
  5. Status Honor (123)
  6. Ethnic Segregation and Class (124.8)
  7. Status Privileges (126.2)
  8. Economic Conditions and Effects of Status Stratification (126.9)
  9. Parties (128.4)

Take Away Points I

  1. Weber in "debate" with Marx
  2. Multidimensional view of stratification
  3. Importance of "organizaTION" or association (Gemeinschaft) vs. simple structural similarity
  4. Introduces us to paying attention to inequality related to "style" or "breeding"
  5. Relationship of "legal order" to stratification system


Gane, Nicholas. 2005. "Max Weber as Social Theorist: 'Class, Status, Party.'" European Journal of Social Theory, May 2005, vol. 8, no. 2 211-226.

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