Here's an idea for how you could represent the ideas in the "hierarchy" section of the course…

Here's some ideas for how you could represent the ideas in the "hierarchy" section of the course…

  1. Make A Class plan for younger minds to do with Hierarchy(introduce a THEORY) (?)
  2. An Illustration-visual depiction of what Hierarchy means to you (?)
  3. A photo depiction-story line of hierarchy, like stop motion instead of a video of it. (?)
  4. or just taking pictures of things that resemble hierarchy (?)
  5. A collage of things in the media that resemble hierarchy.(Audre Mowry)
  6. put together a video that is from the media that tells a a story of hierarchy (use commercials, and tv shows, and movies) Taking clips and making your own movie on hierarchy(Audre Mowry)
  7. Putting words together in a crossword looking 2-D diagram together that explains hierarchy, and write a short paragraph for weber, engels and hobbes on how those words are relevant(Jenn Nguyen)
  8. Building a 3-D diagram on hierarchy. and writing a one pager on how hierarchy is relevant to your diagram(Jenn Nguyen)
  9. do spoken word style/poetry in explaining hierarchy(Jenn Nguyen)
  10. I like the idea of creating a collage that represents hierarchy, maybe one for each theorist. (Larisa Turner)
  11. Illustrating what, and how, a hierarchy works through an example (your job, at school, politics.) Through an essay or pictures.(Larisa Turner)
  12. The two ideas I had were scripting/acting out a WWE-style wrestling match (without actually fighting….) (you might find THIS inspiring) and,(Alex Bowman)
  13. Making a board game that reflects the concepts of one or all of the theorists(Alex Bowman)
  14. Creating a game (similar to Alex's idea) but I was thinking of jenga because that could show how we have people at the "top" but everyone is interdependent on eachother. If one person fails to do their part (is removed) the hierarchy becomes less stable.(Kiaonno Bradley)
  15. The second idea was to use a word document and create something using smart art. (Kiaonno Bradley)
  16. Create a scrapbook/photo essay displaying a theorist's idea of hierarchy (use pictures you take somewhere here in a bay area community)(Anna Guiles)
  17. Create a fake political campaign for a theorist who is running for president and use their theory of hierarchy as part of their political platform in regards to whatever issue you feel fits the hierarchy the best(Anna Guiles)
  18. Creating a sculpture of the head of two theorists by dividing the the facial features in two and leaving an empty cavity for the brain space where, similar to a wordle but obviously with not as many words, you could fill the head with paper slips with the main ideas of hierarchy of the two theorists or choose objects that somehow represent those ideas.(Bodhi Klein)
  19. Another thought is creating a sort of family tree of the different theorists with descriptions of their individual hierarchy theories and where different theorists ideas overlap by connecting them with branches of the tree(Bodhi Klein)
  20. Choose a short passage from a novel/short story/other fictional work that you think illustrates or perhaps qualifies some ideas you've encountered in the hierarchy readings and write a short essay showing how it does that.(Helene Langlamet)
  21. Write a fictional debate featuring Weber and Engels defending their ideas on hierarchy.(Helene Langlamet)
  22. Make a diagram illustrating the way bureaucracies work according to Weber.(Helene Langlamet)
  23. I like (Audre's) idea of creating a collage of things in the media /daily current events that represent hierarchy.(Erika Cabrera)
  24. Also, a hierarchy tree explaining how each thoery works through occuaptions, relationships, or games (chess board).(Erika Cabrera)
  25. I would like to create a 2-D diagram that will show the differences in hierarchy theories. I find that comparing theories side-by-side help me see the unique qualities of each and the distinct differences. (Alheli Cuenca)
  26. I would also like to create a catchy song about hierarchies because there is nothing better than having a cheesy song stuck in your head to fully understand a concept. The verses in the song will describe the different types of hierarchy and the chorus will be something that they all do in common….like maintain social order..or coordination/cooperation!(Alheli Cuenca)
  27. My first ideas is for younger children; a puppet show that depicts one girl's quest for understanding hierarchy (the back story would be similar to the Wizard of Oz). Weber, Engels and Hobbes could pop up along the way as her scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion and offer their own theories that will ultimately lead her to the wizard or 'enlightenment' so to speak. (Lynora Garner)
  28. The second idea is to create an interactive game that could help explain the different theories of hierarchy. It could start out like Life where you've just finished school and the game could go on as you make your way up the ladder and experience various hierarchical challenges along the way.(Lynora Garner)
  29. Interview high school students, or employees in a work setting to illustrate how hierarchy plays out in social, work-realted systems - end product would be a sort of audible, radio-piece (Maddi Fowler)
  30. Create an interactive game where the different choices a player makes leads to different forms of hierarchy and positioning. It could be like a quiz format or story format embedded with questions that lead to different circumstances. (Maddi Fowler)
  31. Act it out — theorist "friends" respond to different everyday situations of hierarchy
  32. video game "style" board game —- choose between responses and see which theorist gets you the farthest up the hierarchical pyramid. (Natalie Repetto)
(DJR) Use XtraNormal to create a short animated debated between Hobbes, Engels, and Weber OR a mini-lecture by one of them.

Make a PREZI of the major points of the section
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