1. Questions distributed to class
  2. Take 5 minutes to formulate an answer. Focus on two things:
    1. bullet list of points
    2. opening sentence
  3. Find person who has same questions, pair up, examine one another, evaluate.


  1. Everyone gets two images
  2. Create caption for each showing what you know
  3. Collaborate to build these into a four panel story board illustrating something from the class

PEDAGOGICAL UPSHOT We want to start pushing ourselves toward answers that more solidly demonstrate our competence. To that end we focus on two steps in the process - a DIVERGENT step in which we brainstorm a list of bullet points and a CONVERGENT step in which we formulate an opening pitch sentence. This same logic is repeated in the second exercise: we use a photo or diagram to inspire looking for connections and themes and then we make ourselves write a caption to succinctly pull our thoughts together.