Read about Mancur Olson's The Logic of Collective Action.

Read "Why Occupy Wall Street Has Left Washington Behind"

“You know what you did. You have our stuff. Give it back.”

Read the Wikipedia entry on “The Logic of Collective Action” (

NOTES: Old assumption was "common interests will lead to collective action." New finding was that except in the case of smaller groups with mutual monitoring or other institutional means to overcome free-riding, collective action may be hard to come by.

Maybe glance at the first few pages of Mancur Olson’s book by same title

Perhaps read over my friend Gordon Lafer’s piece in the Nation:

And this short obituary of John Rawls:

And this Wiki page gives some actual numbers related to where the 99th percentile actually is:

And finally, if you are interested in the ethnographic angle on participative, non-traditional movement structures aspect of OCCUPY, you might look at another friend’s book: Francesca Polletta’s Freedom is an Endless Meeting.