Theorist: Marx

Activity: "The production of ideas, of concepts, of consciousness is at first directly interwoven with mens material activity and commerce…"

In other words: What really matters is mans interaction with the material world.

DJJR: one might expand a bit on this — what do you mean by material world? What sort of interaction with it are you thinking about?

Change in Consciousness ——>Shared Meaning: "It is not consciousness that determines life, but life that determines consciousness."

DJJR: Excellent quote for round one (we might look for less general statement for second one). We want to get at some content of that consciousness at some point, but this is good start.

In other words: The way man thinks does not influence how he sees life but it is the way in which man lives his life that influences the way he thinks.

DJJR: Again, read around the quote and see if you can tease out what we mean by "life" here.

Activity: "Conceptualizing, thinking, the intellectual intercourse of men still appear to emanate directly from their material conduct and relations."

In other words: Material World influences the ways in which men think about the world Marx says "material conduct and relations."

DJJR: You've given us less, not more when you just say "material world." We'd like to have you EXPAND on Marx's words. What is material conduct? What is material relations? Name some actual things and activities. What do you think Marx has in mind for the doings together that create our social/human consciousness? How do you think that happens.