1. Turn in unit reading reaction papers. These short essays may summarize content of the readings, however they should also include your reaction to and synthesis of the primary and supplemental material. Each paper should be double-spaced and follow the citation style appropriate to your sub-discipline (i.e. APA citation style is not appropriate for most social science journals).
8 reading reaction papers = 1/3 of your grade

2. As we speak, so we are. Engaging this material requires study, reflection and interpretation. The questions we ask are often more instructive than the answers given.

I have developed a list of ideas related to classic, modern and contemporary social theory. As you read, define these terms. Note, where you can, who coined them, how the definitions change. In your annotations, keep a list of bibliographic citations where the term is first used or where a particularly clear or useful definition given.

Your annotated definitions (quality is more important than quantity - you need not complete the list and do augment it with terms of your own choosing) are due at the end of the semester = 1/3 of your grade.

3. Choose ONE of the following:

3a. Scholarly paper (15-20 pages, citation style appropriate to your sub-discipline) showing critical thought, analysis and synthesis applying and or critiquing one (or more) theories of social philosophy as they pertain to a current social theoretic dilemma. This issue can be personal, social, or professional.

3b. Complete an individualized activity or project. The focus of this project should be one that is relevant to your educational goals and interests, acceptable to the instructor, and pertinent to the course objectives outlined above. This activity may take may take many forms; e.g. an article submitted for publication, documentation of the application of theory in a real-world conflict resolution, a field study in applied social science, or a creative pursuit showing command and application of social theory.

Your final project, due at the end of the semester = 1/3 of your grade.

Weekly SOL.