Note: Class notes page names are in the form YYYYMMDD with -a etc. as necessary. Page titles are MMDD Descriptive title.

Week Monday Wednesday
Scribe 1 Scribe 2 Scribe 1 Scribe 2
3-Sep Audre x
10-Sep x x x x
17-Sep Alex Kiaonno Erika Alheli
24-Sep Catrina Madeline Lynora Anna
1-Oct Bodhi Helene Jessica Audre
8-Oct Jenn Natalie Kris Yadira
15-Oct Phuong Larisa Ndeya Alex
22-Oct Kiaonno Erika Alheli Catrina
29-Oct Madeline Lynora Anna Bodhi
5-Nov Helene Jessica Audre Jenn
12-Nov Natalie Kris Yadira Phuong
19-Nov Larisa, Helene Ndeya, Jessica Alex Kiaonno, Jenn
26-Nov Erika, Natalie Alheli, Kris Yadira, Catrina Phuong, Larisa
3-Dec Madeline, Ndeya Lynora Anna Bodhi