0031. In a current (April 2012) debate about reforming California's three strikes law (which provides for extremely long mandatory sentences for 3rd felony offenses) so that it does not ensnare people who commit a less serious third offense, the original sponsor of the law claimed that changing it would lead to a great increase in crime. If, on further questioning, it turned out that what he meant was that individuals who commit a crime and only get a few months or years in jail are likely to go right out and do it again because being punished does not have an effect on their behavior (whereas, he says, after 25 years people really do not want to go back and so tend not to re-offend), what aspect of punishment is he talking about?

A. recidivism B. the incarceration or incapacitation effect C. the general deterrence effect D. the specific deterrence effect E. the rehabilitation effect

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