Doing Reverse Citation Research

A search for "domestic violence arrest as deterrent data" led to this review article:

The piece had some very useful information — helped me to outline things like this:

Mandatory arrest policies
Context matters
Mandatory prosecution
Victim empowerment research

I want to know more and where is going (this piece is from 1998). So, I notice that this is a short review OF an actual journal article. And so I google the title "Mandatory Arrest and Prosecution Policies for Domestic Violence: A Critical Literature Review and the Case for More Research to Test Victim Empowerment Approaches" and this let's me pull up the original journal article, a lit review by Linda Mills from 1998.

And lucky for me, the journal includes a list of works that have cited this article since 1998.

This list introduces me to a number of journals (I'll need to assess which ones are most widely respected later) and to a number of different directions in which research on this topic has gone. If I am looking for some follow up information on the victim empowerment effect, I'll check out this article:

"Aren't I a Victim?": Notes on Identity Challenges Relating to Police Action in a Mandatory Arrest Jurisdiction

Violence Against Women October 1, 2006 12: 897-916

For the latest numbers, I might look at this 2009 piece:

Prosecution and Conviction Rates for Intimate Partner Violence

Criminal Justice Review March 1, 2009 34: 44-79