Class Exercise Values and Control

In Class Exercise: Values and Social Control

Select from the list below an issue that is important to you.

Sexual harassment
Food (vegan, etc. or eating disorders)
Child rearing practices
A particular race, ethnic, orientation, etc.

Let's say you and your comrades decide it's time to get serious about this issue. Your task is to describe a "puritan-esque" approach to this issue in a community like Mills. You decide you will start a "hall" or "house" around this issue.

Form a group and either split into "boosters" and "devil's advocates" (or skeptics) or decide that you'll rotate these roles.

  1. Describe the basic values, purpose, etc. of your group/organization. Do the values of the organization suggest anything about how it should be run?
  2. Try to identify who can join the group/movement. Should there be any restrictions? Who should decide? How will you tell who "fits"?
  3. Episode I : Who is qualified to speak as an expert within the group? Do some people have more credibility than others?
  4. Episode II: One of the following events occurs
    A campus event/issue arises and your group is called upon to coalition with another.
    Tensions with a similar but different group/movement.
    You decide to work with a professor to create an academic class on the topic.
    By analogy to Erikson, what are some things you might expect to see?
  5. Episode III : The impure among us need to be found and purged