Personal Information:

Dan Ryan
Professor 2016


1999 Yale University, Ph.D. Sociology.
1994 Yale University, M.A., M. Phil. Sociology.
1986 Universität Trier, Germany, Guest Student (German/Politics).
1983 New College of Florida, B.A. Mathematical, Physical, and Computer Sciences



Mills College
Professor of Sociology, Director Innovation Lab
Associate Professor of Sociology
Assistant Professor of Sociology


University of Southern California: Adjunct Professor of Technology and Social Science


Yale School of Management: Instructor, "Geographic Information Systems for Market Analysis"

1994-97 Yale University Founder and Coordinator of The City Room at the Institutional for Social and Policy Studies.
1992-3 Yale University, Part-Time Acting Instructor
1990-91 New College of Florida, Visiting Instructor in Sociology
Various times Consultant higher education, data visualization, organizational behavior, software development


Courses taught in the last three years

Fall 15 Enroll Credits Spring 16 Enroll Credits
Hist. Sociological Thought 34 1 Proseminar 11 1
IS Human Centered Design 6 0.5 Research Methods* 20(42) 1.25
Assignment: Innovation Lab n.a. n.a. GIS 23 0.5
Modeling & Simulation + LAB 17 1.25
* with Henderson, Hunter, & Sheldon
Fall 14 Enroll Credits Spring 15
IS GIS 1 1
IS Technology and Society 1 1
Fall 13 Enroll Credits Spring 14
Modeling & Simulation + LAB 6 1
Course or curriculum development; other contributions to teaching.
  1. New courses: Design Thinking as Liberal Art, Social Network Analysis
  2. Introduced video course descriptions
  3. Developed and implemented oral exam protocol
  4. Teaching wiki – all of my teaching materials are available online
  5. Wikipedia editing in class
  6. Coursera-based blended course in PPOL225
  7. Blended course using Novo-Ed/IDEO platform for independent study in Human Centered Design
  8. Developed and taught in "popUp curriculum" at USC Iovine Young Academy and introduced same at Mills

Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities


  1. The Ghosts of Organizations Past (2015). Temple University Press. (original edition)

Articles in refereed journals.

  1. "Democracy and the Information Order," G. K. Hadfield and D. Ryan European Journal of Sociology / Volume 54 / Issue 01 / April 2013, pp 67-95. Fully equal co-authorship.
  2. "Emergent Temporal Effects in Community Initiatives." Sociological Perspectives, Vol. 51, Issue 1, pp. 139–162.
  3. "Getting the Word Out: Notes on the Social Organization of Notification." Sociological Theory, September 2006. See also Tierney, J. 2007. "As the Grapevine Withers, Spam Filters Take Root." New York Times, 22 May 2007.
  4. "Everything Here is So Political: Separating the Organizationally Normal from the Political in Communities of Organizations" Journal of Drug Issues, vol. 36, no. 2 (Spring 2006).
  5. "Why is it so difficult to form community coalitions?" with Charles Kadushin and Matthew Lindholm. City and Community,4:3 September 2005.
  6. "'Fighting Back' Against Substance Abuse: The Structure and Function of Community Coalitions." Matthew Lindholm, Dan Ryan, Charles Kadushin, Leonard Saxe, Archie Brodsky. Human Organization. Fall 2004. Vol. 63, Iss. 3

Book reviews, other articles, and notes.

  1. Chapter for revision of the Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations (from Carl Milofsky, Bucknell, and Ram Cnann, Penn 2016)
  2. Review of Networked by Barry Wellman and Lee Rainie. Contemporary Sociology, March 2014 vol. 43 no. 2 180-183 (doi: 10.1177/0094306114522414b)
  3. "But What if the Shared Vision Is Myopic?" Dan Ryan and Sara Goldrick-Rab. Chronicle of Higher Education, January 12, 2015. Fully equal co-authorship.
  4. "Majoring in the 21st Century," Mills Quarterly Winter 2015
  5. Review of Time Use by William Michelson. Contemporary Sociology 36, 3 (May 2007).
  6. "Time and Globalization" in Encyclopedia of Globalization
  7. "Time" in Encyclopedia of Social Theory, edited by George Ritzer
  8. "How to Enjoy a Convention" The Pacific Sociologist Volume 6, #3. September 1998 (Republished by ~25 professional associations and websites)
  9. "The City Room: A View of a Virtual Repository" Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies Newsletter Winter 1995.
  10. Farrar, C., Moskowitz, M., Rae, D. and D. Ryan. New Haven Maps! '95 A book of maps based on GIS analysis of data sets assembled by the Regional Data Cooperative for New Haven. September, 1995.
  11. Le Beau, M. M., D. Ryan, Jr. and M. A. Pericak-Vance. "Report of the committee on the genetic constitution of chromosomes 18 and 19." Cytogenetics & Cell Genetics 1989:51(1-4):338-57.

Talks, abstracts, and other professional papers presented.

Invited talks, etc.
  1. "(Disruptive) Innovation as a Liberal Art", College for a Day, Denver Colorado (2016)
  2. "The Wellbeing University," George Mason University, November 2015, cancelled due to events at Mills.
  3. "(Disruptive) Innovation as a Liberal Art", Washington D.C. Mills Club (2015)
  4. "If Small Liberal Arts Colleges Did Not Exist, Would Someone Invent Them?", Address at Palo Alto Mills Alumnae Club Meeting (2014)
  5. "Learning to be a Node," USC Department of Sociology (2014).
  6. "Can EdTech Save Liberal Arts Colleges or Can Liberal Arts Colleges Be Saved From EdTech," Mills College Alumnae San Diego Chapter (2014).
  7. "Majoring in the Twenty-first Century," Mills College Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Society and The Cyrus and Susan Mills Society (2013)
  8. "In the Beginning…" Mills College Baccalaureate Address (2011)
  9. "Democracy and the Information Order," USC Law School Faculty Workshop (with G Hadfield)(2013)

Other Talks

  1. "Better Meetings: DeBono's Six Hats Method," USC Iovine Young Academy popUp Series (2015).
  2. "Tricks of the Trade for Speaking in Public" USC Iovine Young Academy popUp Series (2014).
  3. "Pedagogical Productivity and the Survival of SLACs in the Age of MOOCs," Mills College Faculty Colloquium, December. (2012)
  4. "How to Run a College Like a Business Without Running a College Like a Business" (2010)
  5. Guest lectures, Mills College. "19th German Social Theory" (for HIST127, Germany and Central Europe); "Power in Organizations" (for GOVT101 "Organizational Theory") 2011
  6. "A Pre-Transition Agenda for Mills College" (2010)
  7. "Democracy, Courts, and the Information Order" (co-authored with Gillian K. Hadfield) presented at Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association, Oakland, CA April 2010.
  8. "Democracy, Courts, and the Information Order" (co-authored with Gillian K. Hadfield) presented at Annual Meetings of the American Sociological Association, Boston, MA August 2008.
  9. "Notification and the Information Order," Mills College Faculty Works-in-Progress Forum, October 2007.
  10. "Women, Men, and the Information Order," Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, Oakland, CA, April 2007.
  11. "Notification and the Information Order," Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, CA, April 2007.
  12. "Communities as Organizational Junkyards," Organizational Change Study Group at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, CA, March 2007.
  13. "The Mathematics of Petition Trees," presented to Political Economy and Formal Modeling Working Group at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, CA, February 2007.
  14. "Getting the Word Out: Notes on the Social Organization of Notification" presented at Mills College Social Science Works in Progress Seminar, Oakland, CA, October 2004.
  15. "Separating the Organizationally Normal from the Politically Pathological in Communities of Organizations" presented at Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA, April 2004.
  16. "Social Networks" mock lecture for Mills College admissions event 2002.
  17. "Making Methods a Lab Course," Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association, Vancouver, BC, April 2002.
  18. "'Please take a few minutes… : Using 'Pointless' Internet Petitions to Characterize the Shape of Acquaintance Networks" presented at Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, San Francisco, March 2001 and in poster session at Annual Meetings of American Sociological Association, Chicago, IL, August 2002.
  19. "Getting the Word Out: On the Social Organization of Notification," Annual meetings of the Midwest Sociological Association, St. Louis, April 2001.
  20. "Are Chain Letters Completely Useless? Extracting Social Network Information from ‘Pointless’ Internet Petitions," Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA, March 2001.
  21. "Getting the Word Out: Notes On the Social Organization of Notification," Annual Meetings of the American Sociological Association, Washington, D.C., August 2000.
  22. "Temporal Notification Norms: An Application in Formal Sociology," Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association, San Diego, CA, March 2000.
  23. "Notes on the Social Organization of Notification," "Pre-author meets non-critics" session at the meetings of the American Sociological Association, Chicago, August 1999.
  24. "It’s About Time: Time as a Social Structure in Communities of Organizations," SSSP meetings, Chicago, August 1999.
  25. "Do Kids Today Lack a Work Ethic? Or: Organizational Learning Across Social Networks," Bay Area Public Pool Operators Association, January 1999.
  26. "Some Thoughts on Undergraduate Research," Dallas Area Mills College Alumnae Group, April 1999.
  27. "Access to Information is Neither the Problem nor the Solution," Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco 1998.
  28. "Urban Communities as Organizational Junkyards," ASA meetings, San Francisco, CA, August 1998.
  29. "Throwing Like a Girl" guest lecture in "Introduction to Sociology" course at Mills College, Oakland, CA, October 1997.
  30. "Everything Here is Political: Communities of Organizations as Settings for Community Initiatives" presented at ASA meetings, Toronto, ON, August 1997.
  31. "New Haven: A Virtual Tour." Invited talk, Yale Law School Reunion, New Haven, CT, October 1996.
  32. "The City Room at ISPS: Efforts toward Bolstering the Local Information Economy." Yale University Department of Statistics 1996.
  33. "Some Notes on the Social Psychology of Combat" (with Daniel F. Chambliss), ASA meetings, San Francisco, CA 1989.
  34. "Big Problems Demand Small Solutions : Towards a General Strategy for Excellence in Education" (with Daniel F. Chambliss), Conference of the New England Educational Research Organization 1998.
  35. Numerous public presentations on computer networks and organizations, urban organizations, and New Haven demographics 1990s.

Web Presence

  1. - a wiki on which all of my teaching materials are made available on the open web. In 2015 the site received 44,000 visits from over 35,000 unique visitors with about 170,000 page views based on web logs.
  2. Numerous videos for college planning processes and instruction
  3. "Mills Innovation Minutes" – proof of concept for series of short videos highlighting teaching innovations at Mills
  4. Blog : The Sociology of Information: research related essays (195 posts with 39,000 page views)
  5. Blog : Assessing Assessing: organizationally informed commentary on the assessment industry in higher education (36 posts with 1200 page views).
  6. Blog: Majoring in the 21st Century: investigations into what college should look like in the 21st century (44 posts with 1300 page views).
  7. Blog: ICYMI:In Case You Missed It –aggregates articles on higher education issues for colleagues (197 posts with 3300 page views).
  8. Blog: Sociology @ Mills (316 posts with 13,000 page views)
  9. Blog: That's Interesting Radio Sociology (8 posts with 2400 page views)
  10. Blog: Excel Mills (34 posts with 1100 page views)
  11. Blog: Mills 2017: Strategic Planning Ideas (66 posts, 819 pageviews)
  12. Twitter @djjr
  13. Facebook group Mills Sociology/Anthropology Alums for continued contact with over 100 alumnae
  14. 1Facebook group Innovation@Mills promotes innovation activities for Mills students, staff, and


Contracts and Grants

2015 Mills MAK Curriculum Development Grant with Maia Averett for Data Science, $3,000.
2014 Haverford College Workshop on Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research, ~$500.
2012 Mills College Research Grant for "Mapping the Higher Education Lobby," $1,245
2007 Fulbright German Studies Seminar
2006 Quigley Research Grant, Mills College: "Women, Men, and the Information Order." Course release.
2002 Mills College Faculty Development Grant “Feasibility of Establishing GIS Data Warehouse for Oakland” with Julia McQuoid (Mills undergraduate).
2000 Mills College Irvine Classroom Technology Initiative for the development of online lab materials to accompany methods of social research course. $4,000.
1998 Mills College Course Development Grant for “Geographic Information Systems and Sociological Geography.” $3,500.
1996 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/City of New Haven. “An Inventory of Faith Community Involvement in Substance Abuse Related Programs in New Haven.” $15,000.
1995 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/City of New Haven. “Local Assessment of Substance Abuse Related Data in New Haven.” $16,803.
1994 City University of New York Research Foundation. “Fighting Back in New Haven: Community Study Pilot Project.” $18,566.
1994 Co-author of Yale University’s “Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC)” proposal funded by HUD. $540,000.

Fellowships and Prizes


Sabbatical Leave, Mills College

2012-15 Kathryn P. Hannam Professorship in American Studies

Baccalaureate Speaker, Mills College


Visiting Scholar, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences


Robert and Ann Wert Chair, Mills College


"Pearl M" as honorary member of senior class, Mills College.


Sussman Dissertation Prize, Yale University Department of Sociology.


Elm/Ivy Award for community service role at Yale in New Haven


President’s Public Service Fellowship, Yale University


University Dissertation Fellowship, Yale University


National Science Foundation Three Year Graduate Fellowship
Jacob Javits Fellowship (declined)


Yale University Graduate Fellowship
Sterling Prize Fellowship, Yale University


American Institute of Physics Summer Industrial Intern Fellowship, IBM T. J. Watson Laboratory


National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowship, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship, New College of Florida

National Merit Scholarship


2013 National Endowment for the Humanities: Member, Review panel for NEH Collaborative Research in Social Sciences Grant Applications.
2012 Loyola Marymount College: Program Review Department of Sociology.
2008-9 Michelle R. Clayman Center Institute for Gender Research. Data visualization for "Dual-Career Academic Couples" project.
2005-8 Mills College. GIS mapping for Office of Admissions, Alumnae Association. Web site development for Curriculum Revision effort. (pro bono)
2003 Gaucher College: Program Review Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
2003 Hamilton College Project on Assessment of Learning in the Liberal Arts.
1999 Cooper Robertson & Partners, Architects. Developing methods of data visualization for Museum of Modern Art renovation project.
1997 Yale Office of University Planning and Cooper Robertson & Partners on campus planning project. Developed methods of visualizing campus activity patterns by combining multiple sources of administrative data with geographic information systems.
1997 Leadership, Education, Athletics in Partnership (LEAP). Organizational climate and effectiveness.
1997 The Waterbury Foundation/ The Counseling Center. GIS mapping.
1995 NIDA funded Community Health Care Van Project, providing GIS support and community information.
1996 New Haven Childcare Coalition. GIS mapping and spatial analysis.
1996 “Liaison, Information Exchange, and Consultation Core” component of Yale's Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS proposal.
1995 Dr. Joann Elmore, Yale University Medical School. GIS mapping of breast cancer incidence data.
1995 New Haven Fighting Back. Assisted with planning for local community based self-assessment of program effectiveness.
1994 Collaboration Studio at Yale School of Architecture. Organizational design and analysis.
1989 Hamilton College Board of Trustees Admissions Committee. Data analysis and development of criteria for identifying multiple admissions markets.



  1. Undergraduate: See above.
  2. Graduate: I am regularly consulted by graduate students in public policy, management, interdisciplinary computer science.
  3. Other advising activities. I am the faculty advisor to the campus student democrats organization, "FemDems"

Campus service: Departmental.

I have either organized or participated in numerous iterations of our graduate and career workshops, orientation activities, etc.

Campus service: College.

  1. Travel and talks for Mills Alum Association
  2. Travel and talks for Mills Undergraduate Admissions
  3. Talks for Southern California admitted students (2014,2015)
  4. Ongoing Mills College: Interdisciplinary Computer Science Program Committee, Political Legal and Economic Analysis (PLEA) Program Committee
  5. 2015 President's ad hoc planning group for innovation
  6. Leader of undergraduate academic initiatives working group for strategic planning process and member of strategic plan steering committee.
  7. Consulting with marketing/branding consultant.
  8. 2012-13 Mills College, Chair Course Evaluation Committee, Chair Strategic Planning Working Group on Undergraduate Program
  9. 2011-12 Mills College, Campus Budget Committee
  10. 2011-13 Mills College, Chair ad hoc committee on electronic course evaluations.
  11. 2011 Fall Mills College, Chair of Faculty Executive Committee
  12. 2010 Mills College, Presidential Search Committee
  13. 2010-11 Mills College, Chair of Faculty Executive Committee

Professional service.

  1. 2013-15 American Sociological Association Committee on Awards
  2. 2012 Loyola Marymount College: Program Review Department of Sociology
  3. 2013 Review panel for National Endowment for the Humanities for Collaborative Research Social Sciences Program
  4. 2011-13 Secretary-Treasurer and Information Officer, American Sociological Association Section on Communication and Information Technology
  5. 2013-15 Member Committee on Awards, American Sociological Association
  6. 1995-2015 Organizer, "Soon-to-be-Author-Meets-Non-Critics: Leave Your Swords at the Door" Annual Meetings of the American Sociological Association
  7. 2004 Program Committee, Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association
  8. 2003 Nominations Committee, Culture Section of the American Sociological Association

Reviewing, etc.

At various times I have reviewed scholarship for Contemporary Sociology Temple University Press, University of Chicago Press, Sage, Symbolic Interaction, Time and Society, The Sociological Quarterly, Social Psychological Quarterly