If we build this program with strategic hires and strategic redeployments of existing faculty (for example, buying a portion of their time with firm replacements for their current programs/departments) a number potential program overlays built on same infrastructure are possible.

Data Science (for Social Scientists?)

"Introducing Data Science" Course
  1. Data Science, the documentary: fun travel guide to field and possibilities
  2. Cases by Variables, 2x2 tables, elaboration (subsetting)
    1. pull from material used in soc91
  3. Populations, Samples, Bias, and "Big Data"
    1. pull from material used in soc91
  4. What is a model?
    1. pull from material used in ppol225, also stats in econ? prob and stats in math?
  5. Distributions: shape, phenomenology, and mechanisms
  6. Visualization I: 2D scatter
    1. Nailing Excel, learning D3
  7. Probability basics
  8. Coding I: Simple Exploratory Data Analysis
  9. Visualization II: small multiples
  10. Prediction
  11. Clustering
  12. Visualization III: mds
  13. Classification
  14. Machine Learning

Miscellaneous Resources
Cathy O'Neil | Weapons of Math Destruction
Yale Day of Data 2014, Keynote: Cathy O’Neil


In the natural sciences we might be able to expand the biology majors with some version of bio-informatics, perhaps a minor or a certificate (maybe 2 or 3 existing courses, 2 qss courses, plus …)

Big Data / Data Science Minor/Certificate (also for grad students in MBA, PPOL, ICS, even EDU?)

See, for example,
Data Mining Certificates Online @ Stanford Center for Professional Development
Data Science Certification Program Emerges (Information Week)
Graduate Certificate in Big Data at University of St. Thomas
I-School at Syracuse

Data-Visualization minor/certificate.

UW Bothell has Mathematical Thinking and Visualization Major

Data Journalism