Q164. Sketch a flowchart that represents the logic of setting up a Schelling "tipping model":

To Create Schelling Model

  1. Set up the model.
  2. Run the model until everyone is content to stay where they are.

To Set Up

  1. Start with an NxN grid.
  2. Identify a number of type A residents and a number of type B residents such that A+B is less than N2.
  3. Randomly place As and Bs on grid.

To Run the Model

  1. For each resident, evaluate move/stay choices
  2. For each resident, find new location for all those that choose move.

To Evaluate choice

  1. Identify the resident
  2. Count all neighbors
  3. Count similars
  4. Compute ratio
  5. If larger than threshold, mark as stay, otherwise mark as move

To Move

  1. Select a random square
  2. If empty, move there. Otherwise try again.

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