0002. This question extends question 1. You've learned the following things during your professional training. Represent this information as a three level stepwise refinement.

  1. Preparing to write a grant consists of identifying a need and putting together a logic model that shows what new inputs are needed to generate desired outcomes
  2. Finding a funder requires identifying a list of funders, looking up the kinds of projects they are funding, and finding matches for your project
  3. Writing a grant involves (1) preparing to write the grant; (2) finding template appropriate to particular funders; (3) producing drafts and reviewing with staff
  4. Draft and review protocols vary, but one you like is to produce a draft, post it on Google docs for the team to comment on, send a prodding email to team members every few days until it looks like there are no more comments on that draft, make revisions and repeat this process until the deadline is near.?

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