Some General Suggestions for Problem Sets, Assignments, etc.

Always reproduce the problem in sufficient narrative detail (and diagrams and data if that's appropriate) such that your solution stands alone and is not dependent on the reader remembering what the question was or having the problem text at hand.
We're no longer in either Kansas or grade school!

List of Course Assignments

  1. Flow Charts Problems (1-5, 8-10, 14)
  2. Flow Chart Lab
  3. Exam I Take-Home Due 9 a.m. 31 January
  4. Math Prerequisites
  5. Exam II 2.15
  6. Decision Tree Problems
  7. Decision Lab
  8. Cost-Benefit Problems
  9. CBA Lab
  10. Discounting Problems
  11. Discounting Lab
  12. Exam III 3.17
  13. Stock and Flow Problems
  14. Stock and Flow Lab
  15. Monte Carlo Problems
  16. Monte Carlo Lab
  17. Markov Problems
  18. Markov Lab
  19. Exam IV 4.19
  20. Lab Exam
  21. Final Exam

Pretest due 20 January
PPOL225 Problems.pdf
PPOL225 Problems.docx

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