Agent Model Module

Agent Models: Neighbors, Peers, Diffusion, Contagion

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Day 1

BEFORE Class we will assume you have viewed lectures on Schelling, Granovetter, and standing ovation model and read the associated materials.

IN CLASS we will develop a simple agent model in "pseudocode" and talk about the components of agent models in code.

HOMEWORK download NetLogo onto your work machine and work through tutorials 1, 2, and 3
Read Tipping Points and Lamberson and Page: Tipping Points (READ INTRO ONLY)

  1. Read Diffusion and SIS
Day 2

AT SOME POINT view lecture 7.1, "Tipping Points" (5:58), 7.2: "Percolation Models" (11.48), 7.3A: "Contagion Model 1-Diffusion" (7:24), 7.3B: Contagion Model 1-SIS (9:12), 7.4, "Classifying Tipping Points" (8:26), and 7.5, "Measuring Tips for Measuring Tips" (13:39)

IN CLASS we will do some on-paper coding exercises on these models.

IN LAB we will play with a few NetLogo models and build one. We'll use either that or a pre-built one to collect some simulation data. Write up will be a short assessment of that data.