Pre-Course Final Exam

Starting with the Final Exam

We start the semester in a seemingly contrarian manner by taking the final exam. This is not intended to embarrass or intimidate, but rather to serve as a baseline against which we can measure how much we learn in the course and as an announcement, of sorts, of what lies ahead.

The exam is here. Your task is to work on the exam questions and to keep track of your results and submit a report as an Excel spreadsheet. It should have a list of question numbers in column A and in column B one of four codes:

  • 4 — I was able to do the problem and demonstrate a high level of competence/skill on this topic
  • 3 — I was able to write down something that suggested competence/skill on this topic
  • 2 — I had some idea of what was going on, but couldn't really do the problem or answer the question
  • 1 — I didn't really have any idea what the question was asking.

Your spreadsheet file should be named