Choosing the Right Scale for a Project

How much pleasure do you get from a scoop of ice cream? It's really good, and just $1 a scoop! If it's been a while, a scoop is a reaaaaaallllll treat. Let's say that it gives us 3 dollars worth of yum yum pleasure. The natural thing to do, is to have another, no? It's sweet, but not quite the treat of the first scoop.

Suppose it works like this

Scoops Cost Pleasure
1 $1 $3.00
2 $2 $5.50
3 $3 $7.50
4 $4 $9.00
5 $5 $10.00
6 $6 $10.75
7 $7 $11.25

Add a column to the chart for net benefit. Then sketch an XY scatter plot with scoops as X and cost, pleasure, and net benefit as y-values.

Download PDF answer form