A friend relates the following story. Not long ago my partner and I got tickets to go to the theater with another couple. In the event, on the morning of the day of the play, they got in touch to say they couldn't go. We asked if we should try to find someone to take their tickets but they said they'd managed to give them away to a friend who is an artist and who we'd enjoy meeting. And we did; we had grand time in lively conversation before the show, at intermission, and briefly aftward as we made our way toward the exit. As we got ready to part ways, talk turned to our mutual friends and we spoke about how much they'd have enjoyed the show and how it was too bad they'd had to cancel but lucky for us all since we'd made new friends. And then, as a sort of final turn in the ritual of caring for this new friendship triangle we exchanged information about when we had last interacted with the missing couple and when we expected to see them next. In the midst of this our artist friend wondered out loud, "do you know if M got the position?" We looked at each other and then back at him and asked "what position?" To which he said "I don't know" and "Oh, my, I wonder if I've spoken out of turn." And we assured him not, but found ourselves wondering what that was about. Like him we'd seen them about two weeks prior and one of sees M every day at work and we'd recently talked about moving to the part of town where they lived and making some career decisions of our own that depended in some small part on M working for our mutual employer. And so we had some instrumental interest in this information, but perhaps even more so we left on a note of knowing we were involved in an asymmetric triangle of sorts.