from 25 January 2014

How about a semester long course called "Error" in which we would investigate what is known about error and mistakes.

We would deal with bias in measurement, lack of precision and accuracy, validity problems, all manner of cognitive bias. Measurement error. Randomness. Erratum in books. Misspeaking. Freudian slips. Some synonyms from the web: mistake, inaccuracy, miscalculation, blunder, oversight. Blindspots.

Misidentification. Research on flaws in eye-witness accounts. Our inability to assess our own states (and things like what would make us happy).

Collect sayings about error. Hard to see the splinter in my eye because of the log in yours (Matthew 7:3)? See here for proverbs about error and mistake.

"Better to be wrong than vague."


Donald T. Campbell Campbell 1976."Assessing the Impact of Planned Social Change." December 1976 Paper #8Occasional Paper Series The Public Affairs Center, Dartmouth College