from 25 January 2014

How many dimensions do course evaluations have?

Let's first think about an individual instructor. I teach different courses. The courses are offered in different semesters. Each course is evaluated by many questions. Each question is answered by multiple students.
Each question has a range of responses.

Thus we have the data atoms as
semester course question respondent response

We could start with a single number : the average of all one's ratings ever. If I right click I get a context menu allowing me to select courses, semesters, questions. If I select courses, I will see a graph with courses as Y categories and average of all respondents all questions as x-value (bar chart or dot chart). Semester yields a time-series (with time along X-axis). Question yields a sorted histogram (higher scoring questions on the left).

If I right-click on dot or bar I get context-menu with remaining dimensions. Say I am looking at courses along Y and average score as X and I select semester. Then graph expands to show spark-line style time-series for each course