from 28 January 2014

Attended "Law Meets Big Data" at the LA Legal Innovation Meetup last night. Three take-away points:

  • Design Principle: focus on how to make it easier for professors (more in this post)
  • Do an organizational analysis of customers
  • There is a paper or blog post to be written called "Not Just a Data Problem" which will discuss psychological and emotional challenges of receiving information, relational issues of message and messenger in data findings, structural and organizational issues that make an answer less than useful. Connections on two ends. On the one side the well established social construction of numbers issue (going back to Cicourel and prior) which has an analog in the social construction of datums (not how the dataset is constructed but how the stuff that is the raw material of the data smog gets constructed). There may well be in big data too much of a belief that data exhaust doesn't lie (because it is "innocent"?). At the other end of the spectrum there are questions of what sort of entity the "insights" are received by. There is a naïveté in big data that the disruptive actor can show up on the scene as a sort of deus ex machina and right the world or the ship with the truth.

Chapter: the MoneyBall fantasy.

Chapter: Social in, Social out? Baggage in, Baggage out.