major21-generic-85wx60h-thumb.png How to avoid faculty tendency to propose things like schedule modifications based on either (1) ad hoc parochial concerns of one program or faculty member or (2) completely a priori "neat" systems not based on clearly identified problem and criteria for judging solutions as net improvements over status quo.

draft 8/10/2012
dan ryan

  1. Create a summary document that explains how current schedule works and what recent patterns of usage are. The latter might include:
    1. frequency of slot usage (how many classes/students in slots)
    2. identify most/least used times/days
    3. identify times/days used by small numbers of programs
    4. Simple summary of classroom usage – how often are we at what % utilization? What are most/least used rooms.
    5. faculty days teaching per week distribution
  2. Boil down to very readable form and distribute to faculty along with simple survey for department/program heads
    1. What existing slot shapes are critical for your course offerings and why?
    2. How would each of following fit with your course offerings and why?