Institutions of Higher Education are, for better or worse, formal organizations. As such they are powerful but unwieldy tools for getting things done. And the people inside are not necessarily adept at the running of organizations. Or to put it another way, we could do better. This project is about bring some uncommon-sense organizational wisdom to the running of our institutions.

Better Meetings Initiative

meeting-thumb-2.png Tackle the "we waste too much time in meetings" problem not by reducing the number of meetings or disingenuously cutting faculty out of governance ("because they complained about too many meetings") but by giving better meeting. Angles of attack: teach people how to run better meetings and how to be better meeting participants; budget meeting time; develop/identify collaborative tools that can complement face-to-face meeting.

Educational Resource Budgeting

budget-thumb.png Inputs to our "production process" include faculty FTE, faculty time, staff time, space, student attention, and the like. Outputs include teaching, advising, planning, managing, etc. This project involves creating a system for institutional self-awareness around the allocation of these resources.

The A.R.E. Curricular Innovation Process

major21-generic-85wx60h-thumb.png We know an awful lot about the awful performance of most committees. And yet they remain our go-to method of organizing for collaborative intelligence. As Bill McKay said, "there has got to be a better way!" And there is. Here we introduce the A.R.E. iterative collaboration technique.