Both Dan and Maggie can teach research methods. Normally, they'd take turns, but this year they decide to teach it together. Maybe they'll split it in half. Or maybe they divide it up by topics with each doing several two or three week stints. They'll each take a half teaching credit. They anticipate it will be fun, if a little organizationally challenging, to work together like this, but the real magic comes when they each deploy their other half teaching credit in a half semester long modular course. They schedule these in the same time slot to make it easy for students and they'll work out the logistics with the registrar. Many substantive topics in our field don't require exhaustive coverage; the pedagogical bang comes in the addition of a new subfield to students' disciplinary repertoire. Students get less far behind in seven weeks, students who want to sample sociology can fit it in their course schedule, students on reduced load can plan to have one less course for the start of finish of the semester, over time, students are exposed to many more topics in the discipline than would otherwise have been possible.