hit-the-computer-thumb-1.png Bottom line: focus all ed tech efforts on making teaching easier better. Or, more generally, to make the job of the professor easier. Rather than whining about instructional staff being expensive, a smart institution does everything it can to get the most out of that staff by giving them every tool it can find that makes it easier to do their job. Collaborate with IT and colleagues to identify, introduce, and fully exploit digital tools that enhance pedagogical productivity. Goal is to have innovative educational technology uptake be faculty driven, staff supported.

The Advisors' Toolbox

What does a Module Look Like?

  1. What will we learn?
  2. Where does this fit in the big picture?
    1. What is this a prerequisite for?
    2. What can you do once you know this?
    3. What is this on the list of? Sibling skills? Categorical parent skill?
  3. Activity. What will you do?
    1. Read/view/listen "outside class"
    2. Meet with instructor for lecture, seminar, workshop, lab
    3. Exercises, practice problems, workout, try something, game
    4. Collaborate. "Virtually" and/or "in person" with classmates
    5. Get feedback
    6. Revise
    7. Skill build/practice/rehearse/drill
  4. How will you demonstrate what you have learned?
    1. Examination (written, electronic, oral), presentation, problem set, project, essay, report