11 Jan. Introduction

Hadfield, Rules for a Flat World Introduction, Chapters 1-6
Excerpts from Innovating Justice
Give students in class innovations to look at:
Ravel Law


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18 Jan. Access to Justice "One Idea"

Hadfield & Heine, "Life in the Law-Thick World"
Vladek, "In re Arons: The Plight of the ‘Unrich’ in Obtaining Legal Services"
Sandefur, "Accessing Justice in the Contemporary USA"

25 Jan. Access to Justice "One Idea" (continued)

Finish any reading you skimmed for last week and develop your idea (or a new one, or one that someone else proposed) in more detail

01 Feb. Commercial/Corporate Law "One Idea"

Bruce MacEwan, Growth is Dead, Now What?
Hadfield, “Legal Barriers to Innovation”
Hadfield, Rules for a Flat World Chapters 6-7
The New Normal, selected posts

08 Feb. Design Thinking

Martin, The Design of Business
Coughlan, Suri & Canales, “Prototypes as (Design) Tools for Behavioral and Organizational Change”
Gawande, Big Med
MacFarquhar, When Giants Fall

15 Feb. Poor and Developing Countries "One Idea"

UN Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor (skim)
HiiL, Innovating Justice, pp. 66-127
Rules for a Flat World Chapters 11-13


UNCLEP. 2008. Making the Law Work for Everyone. Volume 1: Report of the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor
UNCLEP. 2008. Making the Law Work for Everyone. Volume 2: Working Group Reports
UNDP. Initiative on Legal Empowerment of the Poor
Hiil. 2009. European Launch of the Report: Making the Law work for Everyone
Hiil. 2013. Innovating Justice: Developing new ways to bring fairness between people

22 Feb. Iteration Forward Idea Session

01 Mar. Guest Speaker

08 Mar. Guest Speaker

22 Mar. The Art of the Prototype


Victor, Bret. Man designs smart tool to build video games Bret Victor
Victor, Bret. Media for Thinking the Unthinkable Talk at MIT Media lab on media for thinking about systems
Victor, Bret. Visualization - Bret Victor, WorryDream
Victor, Bret. Inventing on Principle "creators need to have an immediate connection to what they create"

29 Mar. Guest Speaker

05 Apr. Guest Speaker

12 Apr. Project Pitches

19 Apr. Project Pitches & WrapUp






RezDispute (pptx) (pdf)



[Peer Eval]

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Shapiro, Craig. 2017. It’s Time to Shake Up the Legal Industry" Blog Post Jan 6, 2017
Legal Innovation @ mycase.com
Legal Innovation @ raconeur.net
Legal Hackers LA Meetup
Black, Nicole. 2016. Today’s Tech: The New Frontier Of Legal Innovation Above the Law Blog May 5, 2016 at 3:19 PM
ABA National Summit on Innovation in Legal Services May 2015 (commentary "Legal innovation summit attendees are long on ideas but short in data" by Victor Li)
Pinsent Masons London based law firm pitches itself as legal innovator ("Pinsent Masons provides national and international expertise via a grass-roots, local communications structure.").
Legal Innovation Reading List @ Law Technology Today (journal) (See also for 2017)
Krause, Jason. 2015. "100 innovations in law ABA Journal Apr 01, 2015
Legal Innovation and Tech Fest April 2017 Australia
Burton, William. 2007. Legal Innovation (definition) in Burton's Legal Thesaurus
RSG Consulting Posts tagged Legal Innovation on RSG blog.
Hadfield, G. K. Legal Barriers to Innovation
The Hastings law journal 67(1):1-84 · December 2015 Disruptive Innovation: New Models of Legal Practice