Law Minors

  1. Business Law
    • 4 courses, all FBE
  2. Communication Policy and Law
    1. No LAW courses
  3. Forensics and Criminology
  4. Gender and Social Justice
  5. Law and Public Policy
    • Political Science 130g: Law, Politics and Public Policy
    • LAW200, LAW300, LAW403 are options
  6. Law and Society
    • Political Science 130g: Law, Politics and Public Policy
    • LAW200 is an options
  7. Psychology and Law


Philosophy, Politics and Law (BA)
LAW300 is a requirement

Course Titles

  1. Law for Creatives
  2. Law and Creativity
  3. Law for Innovation; Innovation for Law
  4. Everything an Artist Needs to Know about Law
  5. The Law of Creativity
  6. The Laws of Creativity
  7. Legal Thinking for Creative People
  8. An Introduction to the Law for Creators
  9. Maker Law
  10. Law for Design, Technology, and Business
  11. Rules for Change
  12. The Law of Change
  13. Law of Innovation and Innovation of Law
  14. Making Law for Artists
  15. The Art of Law and the Law of Art
  16. Making Regulation and Regulating Making
  17. Contracts, Plans, and Taxes