Zhuo, Julie. 2017 "The 4 Stages of 0->1 Products" Quora

"Zero to one" refers to inventing something anew as opposed to further developing something that already exists. It comes from Peter Thiel's book of the same title: Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

Zhou, a product design VP @ Facebook, describes the process in terms of four steps

  1. "Define your People Outcomes" mixes human-centeredness and problem-worth-solving-ness: how will whose life be different if this product is successful?
  2. "Get Product-Market Fit" means iterating fast and furious with feedback so the world can tell you how to move your initial idea toward just-right.
  3. "Reconciliation" means grappling with the constraints we had to overlook up to this point, getting real while getting great.
  4. "Growth" refers to working out how you can get this thing to the next 1000 users, to make it stickier, etc. Don't start here, she says.