Steps for Making Course Trailer Videos
Notes and drafts.
Write script for approximate target length (~125 words/minute)

Consider your favorite products or services, the ones that give you joy every time, the ones that make you wonder, "why can't everything work this well?" the things that just "get it so right."

The fit between the design of those things and what you want as a user does not happen by accident and it's not the product of genius.

Most good design is the result of disciplined creative problem solving that leverages collaboration among diverse interdisciplinary teams. That's what this course is about.

Read aloud and edit for readability.
Record and listen and edit for listenability.
Record and save digitally.
Also record about a minute of room tone.
Import into video editor and add to timeline
Edit out umms, repeats, clicks, breathing, etc.
Create annotations and insert them at keywords throughout the video