13. 1-D CA in Excel
Implement a one dimensional cellular automata in Excel
  1. spreadsheet = rows/columns of cells
  2. cells contain values or formulas
  3. formula as right hand side of a statement of the form location = expression
  4. conditional formatting (1=dark, 0=light)
  5. changing column width, row height
  6. a cell range is denoted by upperLeftROWCOL:lowerRightROWCOL
  7. start with a random sequence of eight 1s and 0s in cells M1:T1, “the seed”
  8. we will fill in the next row (L2:U2); each cell based on its three “parents”
  9. fill in B2:D8 with 000 to 111; these are all the possible parent patterns
  10. in cells E2:E8, again, a random sequence of 1s or 0s
  11. the information in A2:E8 is “the rules”
  12. focus on L2; it’s parents are K1:M1; find the pattern in the rules and fill in L2 (treat blanks as zero)
  13. repeat for M2:U2
  14. but this is tedious; in A2:A8 type 0,…7 to number the rules
  15. compute rule number for each cell we want to color in row three
  16. ruleNumber = leftParent*4+centerParent*2+rightParent
  17. autofill row three cells
  18. VLOOKUP(ruleNumber, ruleRange, returnValueInColumn)
  19. autofill row three cells
  20. auto fill next row
  21. try changing the rules
  22. try changing the seed

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