Academic/Research/Teaching Positions
2014-2015 Adjunct Professor of Technology and Social Science, Iovine Young Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation, University of Southern California.
1997 Yale School of Management: Geographic Information Systems for Market Analysis (co-taught with Douglas Rae).
1994-97 Founder and Coordinator of The City Room at the Institutional for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University.
1994 Co-organizer of New Haven Regional Data Cooperative
1992-3 Yale University, Part-Time Acting Instructor: Deviance and Social Control, Social Psychology of Organizations.
1990-91 New College of Florida, Visiting Instructor in Sociology: Classical Social Theory, Social Organization, Deviance and Social Control, Phenomenological Sociology, Statistics for the Social Scientists, Monday Night with Nine Women and a Man – Senior Thesis Seminar.
1989 Yale University, Teaching Assistant to Maurice Natanson: Philosophy in Literature.
1985 New College of Florida, Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science: Programming in Pascal, Compiler Design, Assembly Language Programming.
1983 New College of Florida, Undergraduate instructor in computer science: Programming in Pascal.
1979-83 New College of Florida. Teaching Assistant for courses in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and sociology.
1995-97 Lectures on “Numbers in Organizations and Cities,” New Haven Department of Police Services and New Haven Police Academy.
1995-97 Introduction to the Internet workshop series for Citizen's for Connecticut's Children and Youth.
1996-97 Workshops in using geographic information systems for social science research offered at Yale Statistical Laboratory.