Other Research
1995 Ethnographic fieldwork for Fighting Back National Evaluation Study, San Antonio, Texas.
1992 The Corporate Citizenship Challenge Project under the direction of N. Tichy and C. Kadushin. Set up qualitative database and wrote section of report on styles of corporate citizenship motivation.
1992 Research assistant to Steven Brint. Content analysis of journal articles for project on the American intellectual elite.
1992 "Student Markets and Admissions Strategies: A Report to the Competitive Markets Subcommittee of the Hamilton College Board of Trustees" an analysis of admissions data written with Daniel F. Chambliss.
1983 IBM Thomas J. Watson Laboratory. Worked on hardware and software for control, data collection, and display for the scanning tunneling electron microscope under Dr. R. Feenstra. American Institute of Physics Summer Industrial Intern Fellowship.

B.A. thesis research — development and implementation of a Pascal Compiler for the IBM Series/1 minicomputer.


Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute. Raman spectroscopy of electrochemical breakdown of thin oxide films on iron. NSF URPP.