2012 Mills College Research Grant for "Mapping the Higher Education Lobby," $1,245
2007 Fulbright German Studies Seminar
2006 Quigley Research Grant, Mills College: "Women, Men, and the Information Order." Course release.
2002 Mills College Faculty Development Grant “Feasibility of Establishing GIS Data Warehouse for Oakland” with Julia McQuoid (Mills undergraduate).
2000 Mills College Irvine Classroom Technology Initiative for the development of online lab materials to accompany methods of social research course. $4,000.
1998 Mills College Course Development Grant for “Geographic Information Systems and Sociological Geography.” $3,500.
1996 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/City of New Haven. “An Inventory of Faith Community Involvement in Substance Abuse Related Programs in New Haven.” $15,000.
1995 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/City of New Haven. “Local Assessment of Substance Abuse Related Data in New Haven.” $16,803.
1994 City University of New York Research Foundation. “Fighting Back in New Haven: Community Study Pilot Project.” $18,566.
1994 Co-author of Yale University’s “Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC)” proposal funded by HUD. $540,000.