Iovine Young Faculty Bio 2017

Dan Ryan is a transdisciplinary social scientist. Prior to joining the USC Iovine and Young Academy, he taught university courses in computer science, philosophy, public policy, and sociology. His work and teaching touch on cities, organizations, geographic information systems, agent-based simulation, mathematical modeling, networks, social theory, information, innovation, and higher education. He has been coding since before there was a web and building websites since before there was an Amazon. His current distractions are javascript and HTML5, 3D printing, circuit building, disruption in higher education, and social information behaviors. His book, The Ghosts of Organizations Past (2015) is about inter-organizational collaboration in social organizational junkyards. He is an advocate of open-everything and a career-long supporter of women in science, technology, and quantitative social science. He has a PhD in Sociology from Yale University and a BA in Mathematical, Physical, and Computer Sciences from New College of Florida.