Is that a first name?

FIFA players.

Laws about what you can name your children. Names in Iceland.

What context do you need to know in order to understand the meaning of "you"? "You need to listen to me!" "I don't like you!"

Your working directory.

Naming files. What happens when you name the document you are writing "My Essay.docx"? Or when you call it "My Naming Conventions Essay.docx"?

Context sensitive help and command menus.

Consider the order of information on a postal letter address.
On an email address. On a webpage URL

In URLS the context comes last. In directories, the context comes first.

Naming Schemes have three components:

  1. name space
  2. name mapping algorithm
  3. universe of values

Connection between names and things is "binding"

Note role naming has in abstraction. "Resolving" a name means finding the value associated with a name.

Examples. Look up name in telephone book. But first "what city, please"

Names and scope.

Memory segments.


Saltzer & Kaashoek