pattern recognition

In preparation for having a dinner party I write the following list of tasks. Reconfigure it into three levels of refinement.
Get the house ready
Prepare the meal
Plan and shop
Create menu
Buy food
Buy Tomato sauce
Buy Ground beef
Buy onions
Buy spices
Buy pasta
Get Ingredients
Select menu
Set the table
Saute onions
Brown the beef
Mix onions, beef, spices, and tomato sauce and simmer
Enjoy meal with friends
Serve meal
Make a toast
Clean up
Clear the table
Wash dishes

Draw a well-formed flow chart to represent the following

Pack your suitcase
If it is Saturday, drive to Montreal
Otherwise, drive to Kingston.
Find a bar
Have a meal

Stare at the window until you are inspired to write something. Start Writing.

As long as you are happy, keep smiling.

Translate these flow charts into pseudocode