Ex. 5: Abstraction - Making a Map

Hand-drawn maps as an example of abstraction

Ex. 1: Assessing a Sorting Algorithm

Explore how the number of steps in a sorting algorithm varies with the number of items to be sorted

Ex. 11: Find the Right Map

We use Google to locate the best map of downtown Toronto

Ex. 10: Fun with watches and clocks

Start with a simple, primitive clock and complexify

Ex. 2: How to go on a three day canoe trip

Exploring algorithm design and stepwise refinement with canoe trip example.

Ex. 6: How to throw a dinner party

Practice algorithm design by planning a party

Ex. 4: Neural net in the classroom

We arrange the classroom in rows and build a network that will recognize a character in a 4x4 grid.

Ex. 3: Reverse Mad-Libs

Create a Mad Libs from some examples

Ex. 7: Sequential vs. Parallel Programming

In-Class exercise demonstrating how parallel program execution works

Ex. 8: Using the Dictionary

Write an algorithm for looking up words in the dictionary

Ex. 9: Word Ladders and Graph Theory

Play the game of word ladders and then learn a thing or two about graph theory and pattern matching