1. Assessing a Sorting Algorithm

Explore how the number of steps in a sorting algorithm varies with the number of items to be sorted

2. How to go on a three day canoe trip

Exploring algorithm design and stepwise refinement with canoe trip example.

3. Reverse Mad-Libs

Create a Mad Libs from some examples

4. Neural net in the classroom

We arrange the classroom in rows and build a network that will recognize a character in a 4x4 grid.

5. Abstraction - Making a Map

Hand-drawn maps as an example of abstraction

6. How to throw a dinner party

Practice algorithm design by planning a party

7. Sequential vs. Parallel Programming

In-Class exercise demonstrating how parallel program execution works

8. Using the Dictionary

Write an algorithm for looking up words in the dictionary

9. Word Ladders and Graph Theory

Play the game of word ladders and then learn a thing or two about graph theory and pattern matching

10. Fun with watches and clocks

Start with a simple, primitive clock and complexify

11. Find the Right Map

We use Google to locate the best map of downtown Toronto

12. Three Person Robot Simulation

Team of three simulates perception, planning, and performing

13. 1-D CA in Excel

Implement a one dimensional cellular automata in Excel

14. Fixing the phone tree

An illustration of linked lists

15. Frustration Solitaire

Reckoning with the odds in an unusual game of solitaire.

16. Playing Cards Number System

What if we counted using playing cards?