Examples Around Which to Build Lectures/Workshops

  1. Sort a hand of cards
  2. Plan a dinner party
  3. Build a cellular automata in Excel
  4. Shakespeare word count
  5. Image compression / Image processing
  6. Blockchain
  7. AI: three person robot
  8. AI: classroom neural net
  9. Automation: coffee maker, thermostat, etc.
  10. Turtle graphics
  11. Problem solving: Farmer's dilemma
  12. Problem solving: Sudoko
  13. Problem solving: Hexagons
  14. Storing music and images
  15. Transition matrix for app screens
  16. Twenty questions: decision trees, flow charts
  17. Naming things: nomenclature, taxonomy, Linnaeus, URLs, lat long
  18. Related: identifying plants - botany process
  19. Mad Libs
  20. Kordemsky, 1975, puzzle 94
  21. Towers of Hanoi
  22. Construct an adventure game.
  23. Finding things: books in a library, words in a dictionary, memory in your brain
  24. Song writing, patterns, sonnets, etc.
  25. String distance. DNA (see http://rosalind.info/problems/hamm/ Rosalind Problems]). Knuth's wordex.
  26. NGRAMS