Lab IX : Structured Interviews, Online Surveys, and Project Work
In this lab session you should
become familiar with Anthropac
learn how to put together a basic online survey
make progress on projects
Part I. Anthropac

Go to AnalyticTechnology's Website [] and click on the ANTHROPAC link. Try downloading the free old version of Anthropac 3.22 into a directory ANTHROPAC you create either your server drive or the download directory of the machine you are using. The .exe file is a small one and has to be clicked on (easiest to get there via START>MY Computer and then find the directory where you put the file and double click on it) to expand the compressed archive. Then click on anthro.exe to see if you can get it to work. It opens in a DOS window (do you even know what DOS is?) and must be used sans mouse.
Example: Freelists

See G. Ryan's "Free Listing: From Data to Analysis" and skim the Anthropac manual page below.


The FREELIST procedure reads free list data and counts the number of times each item is mentioned. FREELIST uses the Soundex algorithm to identify items that are spelled differently but sound alike.


The free list is used to identify the principal items in a cognitive domain. Essentially, you ask several informants a question like "What are all the methods of birth control you can think of?". The resulting lists of items are typed into a file and tabulated. The most frequently mentioned items are then explored further, perhaps through the use of pilesorts, triads tests, or ratings tasks.

Data Format

For each informant, the data should begin with a pound sign (#) and an optional identifier (such as the informant's name or id number), followed by the items he or she mentioned. Each item should be typed on a line by itself. For example, the following file contains hypothetical free lists of the birth control domain from 3 respondents, identified as "Father Mulcahey", "Tammy Faye Bakker", and "Jim Bakker".

Contents of file BCONTROL.FL:

# Father Mulcahey
# Tammy Faye Bakker
Jimmy Bakker
Jessica Hahn
# Jim Bakker
morning after pill


SORTED FREQUENCIES. A list of items mentioned, sorted in descending order by frequency, is output to the screen (unless redirected via the OUTPUT procedure).

CLEANED UP FILE. A copy of the data file in which spelling differences have been resolved is written to disk.

RESPONDENT-ITEM MATRIX. A binary respondent-by-item matrix is also written to disk. The Xij cell of the matrix is 1 if respondent i mentions item j and 0 otherwise. For example, in the case of the file BCONTROL.FL, the following output file is created:

Contents of file FLMATRIX.DAT:

DL NR = 3 NC = 7
1 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 1 1 1 1 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Download this McDonalds Free List Data.into the directory where you have Anthropac. Then hit return to see the Collection menu and then fill in the name of the McDonald's file. Tell Anthropac to put the cleaned up date in MCDCLEAN.TXT.

Next we get asked to go through and clean the data. Type a question mark to get help on how to use it. Once we get the output we can read it into Excel and make a chart.

Pile sorts

Triad Test