Download the Excel spreadsheet for the lab.

There are two problems with the second one in two forms. The first is the easiest, the third the hardest of the three. Your mission is to use Excel solver to solve each problem. You should then produce a short memo describing the problem and the solution you found. Cut and paste images, charts, etc. to illustrate your memo using the class handouts as an example*. Expect to produce two drafts of the memo - the first is the "intermediate translation" and the second is the intelligent layperson translation (for one, not by one).

Produce a memo for the hardest of the three that you feel comfortable solving.

  • You might want to use screenshots and Word's image cropping functionality or the newer Microsoft office capture tools to grab the images.

Be sure your memo is "self-documenting" meaning it's file name identifies author, date, contents AND the inside of the document contains appropriate title information AND the document fully describes the problem and such. Submit the final version as a google doc in your portfolio folder.