General and Other Apps

How to name files
You will soon have 25,000 files on your computer. You will waste an entire year of your life trying to remember file names and trying to come up with file names. Earn that year back: use a system. Such as project-name-YYYYMMDD-doctitle-version.ext
Get and use a cloud storage solution
Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive
Use a bibliography manager
Zotero Account + Download Firefox Plugin + Download Desktop + Chrome Connector + Word Plugin


Use paragraph and character styles to communicate your brand or look professional or just to save time
Explained, Custom character styles in Microsoft Word
Learn to fully manipulate page headers and footers
Basic Tutorial (
You are in charge!
Format with formatting, not spaces, tabs, and blank lines
paragraph formatting options (line spacing, paragraph spacing, indentation, widow control)
Control image formatting
Wrapping text around images in MSWord
Equation editor
MS Word 2013 Equation Editor


Cell Basics
Video (6:00) (
Use conditional formatting
Conditional Formatting (
Control Line Breaks in Cells
Enter CRLF in cell with Alt-Enter or Ctrl-alt-return
Use Autofill to Save Your Sanity
Cell references
Absolute and relative cell reference
Functions: average, median, mean, sum
Make a Simple chart
Use this data.
Format table with borders

Here is the data

TABLE 21.5
Wealth by Education, Controlling for Residence
Rural Urban
8th grade 8th grade Row totals 8th grade 8th grade Row totals
Not poor 50 34 84 63 28 91
Poor 50 116 166 96 63 159
Column totals 100 150 250 159 91 250
2 20.09, p .001, OR 3.41 2 1.96 ns (not significant)

Copy Excel objects to Word
the chart you made and the table you made.


Produce a document that shows you can do as many of the above as you can learn how to do in a few hours of work.

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