The purpose of a "pre-seminar" is to provide students who were not in the proseminar an opportunity to get feedback on their emerging senior project idea from their classmates.

You should produce a 5 to 10 page (double spaced) document representing the current state of your thinking about your senior project. This must be distributed electronically by SATURDAY evening prior to you presentation date. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this expectation as it is intended to be a courtesy to the people who will have to find time to read your material in their already busy schedules.

What should this document include? What should it accomplish? How polished does it need to be?

Producing this document should push you to consolidate your thoughts and the materials you have thus far consulted (that is, the books and articles you have read, the field work you may have done) and to grapple with what the underlying question is. But it is meant to be a snapshot of where you are now, not a project done to some particular level of completion.

What real work phenomenon are we talking about?
What subfields of sociology or anthropology study this?
What do you already know?
What do you know that you don't know yet?
What have you consulted?
What is this a case of?
What are several different ways it might be studied?
What do you want to find out?
Why is that interesting?

The document should include a bibliography that distinguishes (1) sources you have cited in your document, (2) sources you have actually consulted, and (3) sources you have info on but have not consulted.