1. Milestones and Grades
    • Apologies to those who were unduly freaked out and especially to those where the reason was putting something into the wrong folder. Reminder: I will look for things in the NEW folder only.
    • Next up is your project description, research question, etc. This is the next piece of writing to turn in, but this does not mean it's the only think you need to be doing right now. September is data collection month. It's already half over. These milestones are not meant to be simply sequential - two weeks on this, two weeks on that, etc. They are simply a way to keep on track in terms of getting feedback.
  2. Seminar slots starting in a few weeks. I'd like us to start with folks who are furthest along in their process.

Week 7 10.5

PPU DRAFT DUE Raw Data and Revised Analysis Plan
Seminar: 1
Seminar: 2
Seminar: 3

Week 8 10.12

Seminar: 4
Seminar: 5
Seminar: 6
Seminar: 7

Writing Exercise
  1. Writing hints from lit review review
  2. What needs a reference?
    • Any statement that is a claim about the world - something that can be true or false and cannot be written off as common or general knowledge - is a candidate for a reference.
  3. Topic sentences and Section Headings Workshop. Every paragraph has to have a solid, declarative topic sentence. Every sentence in the paragraph has to work for that topic sentence.
    1. Scour your own document and underline a candidate topic sentence in each of first (up to) six paragraphs
    2. Rewrite any of these that are not concrete and strong and simple enough.
    3. Identify any paragraph that is missing a topic sentence and add one
    4. Look over the paragraph and decide if any need to be split. Repeat the above if so.
    5. On a separate sheet write your six topic sentences as a list. Is this list in the right order? Is the list complete? Is something missing? What is the storyline of the list? Can the topic sentences be grouped into sections? What should the sections be called?
  4. Find three sentences where you write that "X said Y" - what verb did you use and why?
  5. Repeat for your colleague's paper.


  1. Write down your work plan for next week of reading and data collecting and writing
  2. Give it to a classmate who will check in with you on Monday.