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The author addresses that while an individual may have access to a public transportation line, that line may not go close enough to where the individual works.

The USDA also created a food desert locator application under First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative. It indicates that if a household is not within half of a mile of a supermarket, the area is considered a food desert.

Macdonald observes that when a nanny and mother consent to the practices and rules of the household, they are doing so for different reasons,

Brush and Rukmini reveal the type of demographic that hires nannies as they state, “Women of color dominate domestic worker streams and…often work in the homes of white/ and or affluent families and symbolize their employer’s status and success while they themselves struggle with low wages, minimum job security, low or no health benefits, and limited occupational mobility” (Brush, Rukmini 182).

This research also found that neighborhoods determined as food deserts were also “characterized by higher levels of racial segregation and greater income inequality,” (Ploeg, et. al., 2009).

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Decentralization can be defined as a merely administrative adjustments or as shifts in power from central agencies to local communities.

A recent 2014 publication, “Does School Board Leadership Matter?” asked that very questions and concluded that

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For schools the very structure of a bureaucracy can cause schools to experience difficulties as cited by (Jeanne Ballantine, 2001).


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