Before our meeting. Based on last week's work identify three possible research topics. Try to make them as different as possible. Send these to your assigned group mates for them to think about.

Select one and post a short description of the topic with a statement of why it interests you and why you have some background to study and what you want to find out about the topic.

Everyone should take a quick look at everyone else's posts.

Read this short section from H. Russell Bernard's methods textbook:

In class we will split up into groups of three. Each participant has to consider the topics described by their two partners. You should jot down some notes along these lines:

Complete the sentence "I wonder whether…" twice for each topic.
Google the topic and identify two interesting tidbits of information about it.
Look over Bernard's bivariate relationship matrix and describe 3 possible studies on this topic. The three have to be in different rows and columns.

In class, you'll sit with your partners and spend 5 minutes on each person's idea.

For your portfolio, write up the ideas your classmates had for you.