1 Based on Bengston's Protip #4 write one paragraph describing the assignment of writing a lit review.

2 For each of at least 5 sources, write up Bengston's RSO3C-style summary

  • Read using SQ3R
  • Summarize in 25 words or less the central contribution or idea
  • Outline of the major points or logic of the argument
  • Critique. questions and criticisms: what is unclear to you? what do you have methodological or epistemological issues with? what points are open to interpretation?

  • Compare ideas in this one to previous readings. Start to map out the ideas, points of view, approaches, etc.
  • Contrast What's better? What are points of agreement/overlap? What contradictions or debates appear?

3. Write a draft zero lit review based on Bengston's Protip #4