Your use of MS Word (or the equivalent) should move into the adult realm. This includes knowing how to

  • Define, modify, and use paragraph and character styles
  • Divide a document into sections
  • Include running headers and footers and include in these various kinds of document information (such as "Page 4 of 8")
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Good file naming and folder organization techniques

You should also be using a bibliography manager. You are free to use different products but in this course we will talk about and make use of Zotero as our go to tool.

How to insert Zotero citations and references into a Word document

Screencast Tutorial Page

Portfolio Assignment: Create a Zotero account and create one bibliographic record for each of three "topic treatments"

If you have your own computer you should also download and install and review online documentation on how to use Zotero desktop.